Alpine Lakes

Alpine Lakes

Alpine Lakes

Water is our most precious resource. Val di Sole and Val Rendena are home to countless lakes and small alpine lakes, where mountain peaks and the rocky spires of the Brenta Dolomites are magically reflected in the water of these stunning gems. Just one of nature's amazing spectacles that you can enjoy with your family or your dearest friends.
These enchanting lakes are often nestled among rock walls or hidden among the forest and they're always a pleasant discovery after a walk in the mountains or by simply taking one of the lifts.
But you don't have to go all the way up the mountains if you want to go for a walk along the shore of a lake, just check out the new Biolake at the Parco Pineta in Pinzolo, a small artificial lake where you can go for a swim in what seems like a natural lake.

Lago Ritorto

A walk up to Lago Ritorto is the perfect itinerary for families to try. From the top station of the 5 Laghi gondola lift, follow trail n. 232, which is located behind the mountain hut. After approximately 30 minutes, you will reach this lovely mountain lake that sparkles in the sun. It's not a long itinerary and the trail is also suitable for children, you do however need to be careful. For example, along the first section of the trail, approximately 20 meters of steel cables will make sure that you safely walk through this section.
You can either return along the same itinerary or you can try the loop trail by following trail n. 277 that takes you to Malga Ritorto (alpine dairy). 
Rating: moderate
Round trip distance: 13,2 km
Round trip hiking time: 5h 30min
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Lago Montagnoli

This is a special lake. It's an artificial lake, but the water is so crystal clear that you can see the reflection of the surrounding mountains. You can reach Lago Montagnoli by taking the Spinale gondola lift. After following the track where the winter ski slope is located, you'll reach this quiet and peaceful area where, on a hot summer's day, you can relax and enjoy nature.  

Lago Nambino

Lago di Nambino, with a mountain hut located right along the edge of its shore, is a stunning mountain lake with crystal clear water that reflects the green forest and the light-coloured rock walls that surround it. There are two ways to reach this lake.  
The first route starts from the Patascoss parking area, from here, follow a flat trail** that will take you through a lovely wood, where you can enjoy the unmistakable fresh scent of the forest, that will directly lead you to this lovely lake. 
The other route starts from the Piana di Nambino. Cross through this clearing by following the dirt road that goes north until you reach a cableway, then follow trail n. 217. This trail takes you up along an old mule trail and then alongside a stream as you climb your way upwards. After a rather steep section you will quickly reach Lago Nambino and the mountain hut which also has the same name. You can return by following the flat trail** among the woods until you reach Malga Patascoss (alpine dairy) and from here you can follow the forest road that takes you back to the starting point. 
Rating: easy
Total time: 2h
Distance: 5,0 km
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** closed: work in progress from June 4th - July 31st and from September 1st - December 31st 2021

Lago Pradalago
The small Pradalago lake is just behind the Rifugio Viviani Pradalago mountain hut, just a few steps from the top station of the lift, therefore it's really easy to reach this lake. You just need to sit down and enjoy the ride up on the Pradalago gondola lift.

Lago delle Malghette

A little corner of paradise among the mountains. This is the feeling you get when you reach this lake after you've completed this hiking trail.  
From the top station of the Pradalago gondola lift, you can easily walk up to the Rifugio Pradalago mountain hut. Follow the winter ski slope, continue to walk alongside the Pradalago Lake and the Rifugio Viviani mountain hut and follow trail n. 265. After about 1 hour, you'll reach the Lago delle Malghette lake, you can stop here for a break or enjoy a delicious lunch at the mountain hut** on their spacious terrace. 
For your return route, take trail n. 201, which will lead you to Campo Carlo Magno from where you can reach the town center of Madonna di Campiglio or you can follow the route to Malga Cascina Zeledria and take trail n. 265 back to the lift.
Rating: moderate
Total time: 2h
Distance: 8,4 km
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** closed until July, 25th 2021

Lago Serodoli

Take the Pradalago gondola lift. Near the top station, follow the SAT trail n. 226. You'll walk up a gentle slope through Val Nambino. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes, you'll reach Lago Serodoli at an elevation of 2.370 m. The scenery surrounding this lake will make you feel like you've reached the moon, except for a few brave tufts of grass scattered here and there.  
And if you've still got some energy left, you can continue your hike by completing the 5 Laghi (5 Lakes) trail. Otherwise, you can return along the same route or walk down to Lago Nambino by following trail n. 217.

Lago Grual
In winter, this lake is an important water source for the ski area's snowmaking system. In summer, Lago Grual turns into a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites. 
It's an artificial lake that perfectly blends into the natural landscape of the area. You can reach this lake by taking the lift up to the top of the Doss del Sabion mountain. From here, follow the SAT trail n. 357 down the mountain. Once you reach this lake, you can also continue onwards to Malga Grual and Malga Cioca and then return by following directions towards Prà Rodont.

Lago di Valagola

It's one of the few lakes in the Brenta mountain range. Lago di Valagola is an alpine jewel, an emerald surrounded by the forest and the unspoiled Val Brenta. There are two easy, short itineraries that take you to this lake, making it the perfect destination for a family outing in the mountains. 
From the town of S. Antonio di Mavignola, follow the directions to Val di Brenta and then to Valagola. You can reach the parking area with your vehicle or you can also take the Pinzolo - Campiglio Express lift from the Colarin lift station in Madonna di Campiglio. From here, continue along the forest road until you reach a bend in the road on your left at an elevation of 1.460 m. Take the SAT trail n. 324 that cuts right through the wood until you reach the clearing in front of Malga Valagola. After the alpine dairy, you'll reach the shores of the breathtaking Lago di Valagola. Return along the same trail.

From Pinzolo, you can take the lifts up to the top of the Doss del Sabion mountain and after walking down a gentle slope towards the eastern edge of the mountain, follow the SAT trail n. 357 that will take you to the lake. 
Rating: easy
Total time: 3h
Distance: 17,2 km
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