Brenta Bike Park

Brenta Bike Park

Brenta Bike Park

Downhill with a view of the Brenta Dolomites

In Pinzolo, located in Val Rendena, mountain bikers can satisfy their need for adventure along spectacular tracks in the Brenta Bike Park, that will reopen after remaining closed during summer 2023 while the Prà Rodont – Doss del Sabion chairlift was being replaced with a new 10-passenger gondola.

Ready to go? Grab your bike and let go of your brakes at the Brenta Bike Park in Pinzolo. Three spectacular tracks that wind their way down from the top of the Doss del Sabion all the way to Prà Rodont, a must for all riders and downhill mountain bikers. There are various lines with different lengths and difficulty levels that will know just how to satisfy both expert and beginner riders.

The red Sfulmini track, with its super flow trail on mixed terrain, has become an all-time favourite for biking enthusiasts. The Tosi slope is a can’t miss track for all those who love fast lines, while the Prato Fiorito track is perfect for beginners. Banks, natural and artificial jumps, drops, freeride structures for all skill levels and wall rides. The Brenta Bike Park is ready for you to enjoy a two-wheel experience you won’t easily forget.

To try these downhill tracks, you just need to take the Pinzolo - Prà Rodont gondola and then the new, easily accessible Prà Rodont - Doss del Sabion gondola.


Skill park Prà Rodont, a fun and safe environment in which to improve your bike riding techniques.
This is a new practice area where you can optimise your biking skills; made of gently sloping terrain with simple parabolic curves and enriched with 5 easy wooden and steel structures (jumps and ramps)
The course has been designed so that it can also be used by children or neophytes who want to approach this sport.
In the area of the Moving Carpet to the south of the Prà Rodont refuge, an easy bike trail has been created for :

- Bikers who want to approach Gravity activity
- Intermediate bikers wishing to improve their riding techniques
- Very young bikers looking for fun and contact with nature

SKILL PARK 2 SKILL PARK 1 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park-3029 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2016 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-1641 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2017 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-1836 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2016 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-6216 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2016 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-2324 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2015 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-3689 Alessandra DAgostino - Brenta Bike Park 2015 - Funivie Pinzolo Insta-7638 016 013 1


Purchase our Bike Pass to access the lifts and start off on your very own adventure.

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Plan all of your biking outings and enjoy the show on the Brenta Dolomites on two wheels.


Otevřené tratě

Downhill trasy

P1 open red
  • Délka: 3545m
  • Výškový rozdíl: 586m
P2 open red
  • Délka: 2815m
  • Výškový rozdíl: 462m
P4 closed azzurra
Prato Fiorito
  • Délka: 2000m
  • Výškový rozdíl: 300m
SP open
SKill Park Pinzolo
  • Délka: 150m
  • Výškový rozdíl: 8m


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