Cycle paths

Cycle paths

Cycle paths

Pedal through magical valleys with the entire family

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The Val di Sole cycle path 

Slowly discover an extraordinary land by bike. From Mostizzolo to Val di Peio, the Val di Sole cycle path is a 35 km itinerary that winds its way through the beautiful landscapes of this valley created over thousands of years by the fast flowing rapids of the Noce River. The river will accompany you along almost the entire route, only a few sections for just a couple of kilometers will take you away from the river's edge. 

The cycle path is also located close to many of the stations along the Trento Malé Mezzana railway. This electric train, called the Dolomiti Express, also transports bicycles therefore, in addition to the Bike Bus service, it's easy to complete the entire cycle path which has an elevation difference of 565 meters. It's the perfect way to enjoy an unforgettable experience with the entire family.   

An outing along the cycle path isn't just a way to keep fit. It's an ideal way to explore the surroundings and to learn more about the history, culture and traditions of the valley.   
If you have a look around you as you're pedalling along the cycle path, you'll see just how many historical, cultural and nature sites are located along this itinerary: in addition to the medieval castle located in the town of Ossana, you can also stop in the town of Monclassico to visit more than 50 artistic sundials located throughout the entire town that mark the time of day, or in Croviana you can visit the alder wood, a protected nature area or the MMape - a bee museum in a watermill, in the town of Malé you can discover the ancient Venetian sawmill and in Caldes you can explore the mysterious atmosphere of the castle


The Val Rendena cycle path

From Madonna di Campiglio all the way down to Villa Rendena. And then onto the town of Tione and therefore the Ponte Pià lake, just after Ragoli. The Val Rendena cycle path is just like taking a dive into nature. A special adventure for the entire family that will take you right to the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
A 30 kilometer cycle path with uphill and downhill sections, several flat sections and the Sarca River by your side along several long sections, and of course, you'll always have a fantastic view of the Brenta Dolomites right in front of you. As you pedal along, you'll see how the landscape continuously changes as you discover the greenest valley in all of Trentino that has become a harmonious blend of nature's works of art and those made by man. The Val Rendena cycle path is a sensory experience: the roaring sound of the river as it slams onto the granite rocks of the riverbed, the smell of freshly cut grass in the cultivated fields, the many fountains where you can stop to take a break and drink some water. Along the way, you'll definitely want to stop in the charming town squares of the small hamlets and towns, where you can still admire centuries-old architecture or you might decide to stop in one of the local shops where you'll find local products and delicious specialties.  
As you travel along this route, you'll slowly begin to understand the history and culture of this alpine valley as you encounter medieval churches with frescoe paintings like the "Danze Macabre" (Dance of Death) by the Baschinis, a family of travelling painters from the town of Averara in the province of Bergamo, wayside shrines and museums where you can learn more about local customs, traditions and ancient trades
Just keep on pedalling and when you're tired you can return by taking the Bike Bus, a special service that transports bicycles on public buses. 



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