Black Slopes Pinzolo

Black Slopes Pinzolo

Black Slopes Pinzolo

The Tulot Audi Slope and the DoloMitica

A slope that's already a legend. The Tulot Audi Slope was designed to make you fall in love with skiing!
This challenging slope starts off at Malga Cioca, at 1.700 meters. Only the most fearless skiers will have the courage to put themselves to the test. 
In less than eight minutes, the Tulot gondola lift located in the area called Tulot, will take skiers north of the town of Pinzolo. Once you reach the top, you'll be ready to take on one of the most technically challenging slopes in the Dolomites.
And if that doesn't satisfy you and you're looking for another adventure, then you really should try the DoloMitica track that has two different routes for skiers to choose from: Tour, which is a little easier, and Star, which is more demanding. Where's the starting point? The Doss del Sabion, at 2.100 meters, with a one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello Presanella mountain group.

Tulot Audi Slope slope
Top height: 1.700 m asl (at Malga Cioca)
Base height: 800 m asl (at Loc. Tulot)
Vertical drop: 900 m
Length: 2.600 m
Maximum slope gradient: 69%

Tracciato DoloMitica Tour

Slopes: Rododendro, Fossadei, Skiweg Rigoza, Tulot
Top height: 2.101 m asl (at Doss del Sabion)
Base height: 800 m asl (at Loc. Tulot)
Length: 5.750 m
Average slope gradient: 22%

DoloMitica Star Track

Slopes: Rododendro, Variante Rododendro-Cioca 2, Tulot
Top height: 2.101 m asl (at Doss del Sabion)
Base height: 800 m asl (at Loc. Tulot)
Length: 3.455 m
Average slope gradient: 36%


Top height: 1.800 m asl
Base height: 1.600 m asl
Vertical drop: 200 m
Length: 1.300 m

Grual Nera

Top height: 2.000 m asl
Base height: 1.850 m asl
Vertical drop: 150 m
Length: 600 m

Variante Rododendro - Cioca 2

Top height: 1.972 m asl
Base height: 1.857 m asl
Vertical drop: 115 m
Length: 300 m

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