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Black Slopes

Black Slopes

Black Slopes


Steep, often extremely steep. Their sometimes named after the greatest ski champions of all times, or their names also remind us of great adventures, courage and the challenge that we're about to face. The black slopes in the Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena are a cut above the rest. Speed, rhythm and stunning views. The Skiarea's 21 black slopes, with absolutely insane slope gradients, will definitely put you to the test as you push your limits and experience the dream of all skiers.  

Choose your favourite! The "Little Grizzly" in Folgarida Marilleva is like a leap of faith. It's just as intimidating as encountering a huge North American bear. In Madonna di Campiglio there's the "Spinale Direttissima" with the Schumacher Streif vertical wall, the "Canalone Miramonti" where the world's top athletes battle it out during one of the most thrilling skiing races in the world, the World Cup night slalom, and last but not least the classic "Amazzonia" black slope. In Pinzolo, the "Tulot Audi Quattro" will definitely take your breath away.

Try them all! Our black slopes are for expert skiers that won't settle for anything but the best. 

Black Slopes Folgarida Marilleva
Black Slopes Madonna di Campiglio
Black Slopes Pinzolo

Little Grizzly

Pure adrenaline!

It's not a coincidence that a grizzly bear came to mind when looking for the perfect name for this slope. The descent starts right at the top of Monte Vigo, at 2.179 meters, in the upper part of Val Panciana. It's a wicked track, only for expert skiers and perfect for thrill seekers. The Little Grizzly black slope in Marilleva is the perfect challenge if you want an exceptionally thrilling experience. 
This track plunges down a chute reaching slope gradients that are just under 70%. The final part of the track, with lower slope gradients, continues to descend parallel to the Orso Bruno slope, ending in the Malga Panciana plain in order to then connect to the Sghirlat slope at 1.929 meters.

Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 2.179 m asl
Base height: 1.929 m asl
Vertical drop: 250 m
Length: 810 m
Maximum slope gradient: 69%


Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 2.064 m asl
Base height: 1.896 m asl 
Vertical drop: 168 m
Length: 700 m
Maximum slope gradient: 66%

Nera Marilleva

Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 1.896 m asl
Base height: 1.445 m asl
Vertical drop: 451 m
Length: 1.800 m
Maximum slope gradient: 45%

Nera Folgarida

Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 1.855 m asl
Base height: 1.300 m asl
Vertical drop: 555 m
Length: 1.850 m
Maximum slope gradient: 58%


Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 2.085 m asl
Base height: 1.855 m asl
Vertical drop: 230 m
Length: 1.300 m
Maximum slope gradient: 50%

Illuminated Outdoor Slalom Stadium

Difficulty rating: black
Top height: 1.413 m asl
Base height: 1.300 m asl
Vertical drop: 113 m
Length: 400 m
Maximum slope gradient: 42%

Folgarida Marilleva
SnowWeek 2019
December 5-8, 2019

4 days of SNOW
3 night PARTY!
Marilleva 1400 (TN)

Folgarida Marilleva
Polish Days 2020
2020 March, 20 - 29

and loads of fun

Folgarida Marilleva Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo
Free Ski Day Pinzolo

A special day on the snow for free lessons with a ski instructor!

Madonna di Campiglio
New Year's Eve in Madonna di Campiglio

Welcome the New Year with non-stop fun and music!

Madonna di Campiglio
Torchlight skiing

Fascinating New Year's torchlight skiing, with the ski teachers.

Madonna di Campiglio
3Tre - Audi FIS SKi World Cup Night Slalom

3Tre Fis Ski World Cup Men's Night Slalom on the Canalone Miramonti

Tulot Vertical Up

International Vertical Challenge on the famous Tulot Audi Quattro slope in Pinzolo

Madonna di Campiglio
Audi FIS World Snow Day

International event dedicated to winter sports plus a ski cross competition the Audi Fis Snow Day Trophy

Madonna di Campiglio
Winter Marathon

Competition for vintage cars

Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo
Trentino Ski Sunrise

At the first lights of dawn you'll be the first one to ski, after a tasty breakfast.

Madonna di Campiglio
BURTON Mountain Mash

Pure snowboarding action and fun with slopestyle and banked competitions, international guests and great music

Madonna di Campiglio
Audi quattro Ski Cup

Giant slalom amateur race with a World Cup atmosphere

Madonna di Campiglio
Sunset Ski

Skiing at sunset with apericena in a mountain hut.

Madonna di Campiglio
Trento Doc in the Dolomites

Music, cuisine and tales... and of course, bubbles!

Folgarida Marilleva
February, 21 2020

Snow and
at dawn

Madonna di Campiglio
Habsburg Carnival

Historical commemoration of the stay of the Princess Sissi and the Habsburg Court in Madonna di Campiglio in the late nineteenth century

Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo
Slow Food tra le Dolomiti

Three events to discover the new Slow Food Razza Rendena presidia through the experience of the local producers.

Madonna di Campiglio
ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Cup Final

The Brenta Dolomites host the finals of the mountaineering ski World Cup.

Madonna di Campiglio
Super Grostè Trophy

A big party on the snow for everybody!


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How to get here...

Just a few kilometers from the Brennero A22 highway and close to all main international airports, the Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena can be reached from both Val Rendena and Val di Sole.
By bus, train or car… Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy a fantastic winter ski holiday. 
Once you reach Folgarida Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio or Pinzolo, you'll find an efficient sustainable mobility system. The Skibus service will take you right to the slopes without having to take your vehicle. 

... in Folgarida Marilleva

... in Madonna di Campiglio

... in Pinzolo

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