Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Sales Conditions


The following general terms and conditions of sale shall apply to the contractual terms and conditions of all tickets and passes issued by Funivie Madonna di Campiglio S.p.A., Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. and Funivie Pinzolo S.p.A. (including for example one-day passes, multi-day passes, season passes, one-way tickets, cards called Val di Sole Guest Card) during the opening and summer operation of the corresponding lifts.

 1.         The Funivie Madonna di Campiglio S.p.A., Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. and Funivie Pinzolo S.p.A. lift companies are the license holders that provide an integrated lift system available for public use, in each of their own areas, according to the following: 


Gondola lifts: Grostè 1st and 2nd section – Spinale – Pradalago - 5 Laghi


Gondola lifts: Folgarida, Panciana (Marilleva 1400), Daolasa 1


Gondola lifts: Pinzolo - Prà Rodont

Chairlifts: Prà Rodont - Doss del Sabion

These lifts are open according to the times and periods that are posted in the ticket offices open during the summer season and at the base and top stations of each lift. 

2.         The operations program of the lifts is determined by Management and the cost of a card, pass or ticket for the lifts does not in any way correspond to the number of lifts open to the public.

3.         Passengers must purchase a ticket, corresponding to their own personal use of the lift facilities, in one of the following ticket offices: 



-    Grostè Ticket Office              (loc. Fortini)

-    Spinale Ticket Office                        

-    Pradalago Ticket Office                   

-    5 Laghi Main Ticket Office       


-       Marilleva 1400 Ticket Office

-       Folgarida Ticket Office

-       Daolasa Ticket Office


-       Pinzolo Main Ticket Office

4.        This contract only applies to transportation provided from the base station to the top station of each single lift and vice versa. Any additional activity that takes place after having used the lifts (hiking, mountain biking, etc.) is not covered or relevant to this contract and individuals can undertake these activities exclusively at their own risk.

5.         For Funivie Folgarida Marilleva SpA and Funivie Pinzolo SpA: only if an accident with injuries occurs on marked routes/tracks, during regular amateur summer sports activities and duly documented with medical documents provided by an Emergency Unit or the Trauma Clinic Dr. Pizzolla medical centre, will the “ItasActive” insurance policy partially refund multi-day passes (minimum 3-day passes) that have been previously insured. Furthermore, no refund will be provided for tickets of any kind due to illness, other personal causes or passes that have not been insured with “ItasActive” insurance.

We recommend that clients carefully read the pamphlet concerning the insurance policy for further information and details.

6.    Ticket offices accept cash payments (in accordance with current government laws and regulations), major credit cards and debit cards. Furthermore, Management also accepts bank transfers, which must be received and confirmed by Administration before any tickets or passes are issued.

7.    A ticket or pass is both a travel document and a fiscal receipt (Ministerial Decree 30.06.1992) and must be kept for the entire duration that the means of transportation is used. An invoice for tickets or travel documents can be requested but only before they are issued. Once a ticket is issued, an invoice can no longer be requested. 

8.    The purchase and consequent possession of a ticket or travel document implies that the user acknowledges and accepts all Rules of Transport and current Sales Conditions displayed in all ticket offices.  

9.    For Funivie Folgarida Marilleva Spa: the “Val di Sole Guest Card” allows cardholders to use all lifts open during the summer season, once a day, (each day, 1 lift ride upwards and 1 lift ride downwards, for each lift that is open).   

10.     Clients must check their tickets and passes when they are collected to verify if they correspond to their request. Once the first access to the lift has been registered, it will no longer be possible to replace or refund previously purchased tickets or travel documents.

11.    Tickets or passes are personal documents and are in no way transferable. Any misuse of a ticket or pass, even a momentary exchange with another person, will result in the immediate confiscation and cancellation. Furthermore, the three lift companies may take civil and penal actions against the offender.

12.     Tickets or passes must be shown to lift operators if requested in order to verify the validity and that the passenger is the legitimate user. Passengers are also obliged to show a valid ID document to lift operators if requested.  

13.     Tickets or passes (excluding one-way tickets) are issued on magnetic Key-Cards. A € 5,00 deposit is required for each Key-Card. The deposit will not be refunded if the Key-Card is damaged. 

14.     Reduced prices for children and juniors on tickets or passes will be applied only if a valid ID document is provided.

15.     Control systems are used to check all types of tickets and passes, including image comparison technology (installed on the access turnstiles of all lift facilities) that is able to detect and identify the image of users.  (for further details refer to the privacy policy displayed at all ticket offices and published on the following website

16.      The Funivie Folgarida Marilleva Spa lift company issues non-consecutive 3-5 day passes, which must be used before the end of the summer season (06.09.2020); any remaining days which are not used will be cancelled. 

17.     People with physical disabilities that present a document that officially certifies a disability rating equal or greater than 50% will receive a 50% discount on the full price and those with a rating between 20% and 49%, will receive a 25% discount on the full price for hourly, morning or afternoon, one-day, multi-day or one-way tickets or passes. Discounts will only be applied if the document is presented before the ticket or pass is issued.

18.     Any lost tickets or passes, except for hourly passes or one-way tickets, will be reissued at the ticket office only if clients present a photo of the lost ticket or pass which must clearly show the identification code “NA” (which can be found on the front side of the ticket or pass). The cost of deactivating, blocking and reissuing a new ticket or pass is € 10,00. (This amount will not be refunded if the original pass is found).

19.     Dogs must wear a muzzle and they must be kept on a leash.

20.     All tickets or passes, including one-way tickets, are no longer valid once the summer season has ended. Prices included in the price list include VAT.  

21.     The three lift companies are in no way responsible or liable, and will therefore not provide any type of refund nor will they replace any type of pass or ticket, should unexpected events beyond their control occur (including but not limited to: storms, excessive winds, a sudden technical problem or an unexpected electrical power failure), causing a partial or total closure of a lift.

The lift companies are also in no way responsible or liable, and will therefore not provide any type of refund and/or compensation if users/passengers incur any expenses to return to their place of residence or their starting point, should unexpected events beyond their control cause the closure of the lifts during scheduled opening hours and subsequently indicated at the base stations of the lifts, or an early closure of the lifts.

22.     Passengers must comply with all applicable Rules of Transport “Regolamento di Trasporto” and the Passenger Regulations “Disposizioni per il Viaggiatore” (displayed at the base stations of all lifts) and they must comply with all regulations issued by the competent authorities to ensure that safe and correct transportation is provided, and any other specific instructions provided by lift staff, during particular circumstances, to prevent any accidents from occurring.

23.     The three lift companies are in no way responsible or liable, under any theory of liability, for damages caused by an incorrect or improper use of the lifts, or any consequences due to unlawful or illicit behaviour carried out by passengers while using the lifts. Passengers that use the lifts, automatically declare that they are aware of and acknowledge the civil obligations and liability concerning the supervision of minors, which also includes use of the lifts by any minors. The accompanying adult is entirely responsible and liable for the minor’s behaviour and use of the lift facilities, furthermore, he or she also declares that they will comply with all applicable national, regional and provincial laws and regulations.  

24.     Clients must comply with all rules and guidelines set forth to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. When clients purchase a ticket or when they pick-up any type of ticket or pass that enables them to use the lifts, they are responsible for both their own personal health conditions and the health conditions of their cohabitants or family members (this refers to the people with whom an enclosed space is shared including means of transportation, hotel rooms, other types of accommodation, dwelling unit etc…) and if any symptoms occur they must not take the lifts and comply with all appropriate procedures.

25.     If there are any discrepancies between the English and Italian version of the summer general terms and conditions of sale, the Italian version shall always prevail.


26.     Access to the “Bike Park Val di Sole” is only permitted during the opening hours of the Daolasa 1 gondola lift and only for users that have a valid ticket or pass to use the lifts open on behalf of the Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. lift company. All those who access the Bike Park must comply with the Bike Park Val di Sole Rules and Regulations “Regolamento di accesso al Bike Park Val di Sole” that are displayed at the base and top stations of the lifts and at the entrance to the Bike Park.

27.     Riders that access the Bike Park and the various tracks within the Bike Park, are completely responsible and liable for their own behaviour, and any consequences of such behaviour. Access implies the full acceptance of the Bike Park’s rules and regulations. For safety reasons, access to the Bike Park is strictly prohibited during closing times and at all times where signs are posted to inform riders that a track is closed.   

28.     Mountain bikes can be transported on the lifts without any additional costs for all those with a valid one-way or return ticket, one-day, multi-day or season tickets and passes except for “Val di Sole Guest Card” cardholders.

All “Val di Sole Guest Card” cardholders, can transport a mountain bike on the lifts by paying an additional daily surcharge of € 5,00. This additional surcharge, applied to the “Val di Sole Guest Card”, allows cardholders to transport their bikes on the lifts only once a day which corresponds to one ride upwards and one ride downwards for each lift that is open.

29.     The Bike Park does not have a first aid facility; therefore, the number to call in case of an emergency and/or injury is the 112 common emergency telephone number.

30.     Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. does not manage and shall be completely released from all liability or responsibility concerning all of the various bike tracks located in the area and that are not located within the Bike Park Val di Sole.


INFORMATION ON THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA (EU Regulation 679/2016): personal data shall be processed in compliance with the aforementioned law. Detailed information is available at the Funivie Madonna di Campiglio Spa, Funivie Folgarida Marilleva Spa and Funivie Pinzolo Spa ticket offices or at

V. 07/2020

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