Guaranteed snow

Guaranteed snow

Guaranteed snow

Perfectly groomed snow-covered slopes even if we can't control the weather

Water, air, low temperatures and technology. These are all the ingredients we need to produce snow and to therefore provide perfect slopes even when it doesn't snow. 
The 150 kilometers of interlinked slopes in the Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena are equipped with sophisticated snowmaking machines that can guarantee top quality snow conditions right from the beginning of the season. 
Specialized staff, that we like to call "snow wizards", are able to produce man-made snow at the touch of a button.
This is an important feature of our skiarea: each year we continue to invest in snowmaking technology in order to increase the number of snowmaking machines as well as the amount of water available by building water storage facilities that will guarantee snow-covered slopes for skiers and snowboarders throughout the entire season. 

Rendering bacino Grual Pinzolo Produzione neve per Ursus Snowpark Cabinovia Spianale Battipista al tramonto Generatore di neve a bassa pressione generatore alta_pressione

And of course last but not least, every evening our snow groomers prepare the slopes to create the best possible snow conditions. So why all this work? Guaranteed fun and excitement on the slopes for each and every skier.

Snowmaking machines: 1.601
Water accumulated in storage facilities and basins: 540.000 m³
Water used during the 2018/2019 season: 1.300.000 m³ 
Snow produced during the 2018/2019 season: 2.600.000 m³

"Montagnoli" artificial basin- Madonna di Campiglio

Creating snow even when there isn't any

2018 07_24lago_montagnoli_mucche

In Madonna di Campiglio, more than 200.000 cubic meters of water are available for snow production. It is one of the largest artificial basins in Italy that was built to store water for snow production. The Montagnoli lake in Madonna di Campiglio provides an essential supply of water that enables us to cover almost all the slopes within this skiarea in very little time. 
Only 120 hours of cold temperatures are needed to guarantee the ski season opening in the Madonna di Campiglio ski area!
Located at a height of 1.764 meters, at the "Pian della Zedola" in the Spinale area, below the Montagnoli mountain hut, it looks just like a real mountain lake perfectly blending into the surrounding natural setting. 
The Montagnoli basin provides water for Madonna di Campiglio's snow production system, which includes 732 snowmaking machines and 395.000 m³ of accumulated water. During the 2018-2019 winter season, this system used 700.000 cubic meters of water, producing 1.400.000 meters of snow.
During the summer, the Montagnoli lake is a pleasant destination for a walk in the mountains. 
Length: 360 m
Max width: 120 m
Depth: 12 m
Perimeter: 1 km

"Grual" artificial basin- Pinzolo

An unlimited water supply for snow production 

No snow? No worries. The slopes will always have perfect snow cover thanks to the new Grual Lake water storage basin located at a height of 1.900 meters on the "Doss del Sabion" mountain.
This artificial lake was created in an area that was already a wide valley, therefore it looks just like a real mountain lake and it is able to guarantee sufficient water supply to provide snow cover on all the slopes in the Pinzolo ski area including the Pinzolo-Campiglio Express.
It only takes 90 hours of cold temperatures and the right weather conditions to guarantee the opening of the main slopes (Rododendro, Grual, Clump, Brenta, Fossadei and the beginner learning area) in addition to the connection with the Skiarea Dolomiti di Brenta.
Together with the Montagnoli Lake in Madonna di Campiglio, the Grual Lake guarantees excellent skiing conditions, not only on the slopes in Pinzolo, but for the entire Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta that has a total of 150 kilometers of interlinked slopes in Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and Folgarida Marilleva, making it the largest ski area in Trentino.
During the summer, Grual Lake is a great spot for all hikers and bikers going up to the Doss del Sabion mountain.
Storage capacity: 93.000 m³ 
Surface: 14.000 m²
Max depth: 12 m
Perimeter road: 500 m

"Val Mastellina" artificial basin - Folgarida Marilleva

Creating a lake for snow production

Bacino Grual innevato 2018-03-16 lago montagnoli

It hasn't been built yet, but it won't be long now and then perfectly snow-covered slopes will definitely be a guarantee. The new artificial basin in Val Mastellina </b>, close to the arrival area of the Daolasa – Val Mastellina gondola lift, will become a charming mountain lake with an irregular shape that will perfectly blend into the natural surroundings. This lake will be able to store more than 180.000 cubic meters of water. A significant supply of water that will be able to provide water to the entire snow production system in the Folgarida Marilleva ski area, therefore allowing snow to be produced right from the beginning of the official ski season opening. <br> During the summer, this lake will be a pleasant addition to the area for all tourists since it can be easily reached by taking the lifts or by following one of the area's hiking trails like the “Sentiero dei pastori” (Shepherd's Trail), that connects Malga Panciana, Val Mastellina and the Malghette Lake. 

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