The transportation of Snow-bikes or similar is allowed only on cable cars; therefore is forbidden on chair lifts and ski lifts.


Few simple rules to observe and respect  to have fun on slopes guaranteeing safety!


Consideration of the other skier and snowboarder

Every skier and snowboarder must conduct themselves in such a manner that no other person is either injured or put at risk.

Control of speed and manner of skiing

Every skier and snowboarder must follow visibility. They need to limit their speed and travelling manners to their level of ability, and always maintain consideration of the terrain, snow and weather conditions, as well as the traffic level of fellow skiers.

Choice of travel lane

The skier and snowboarder approaching from behind must select their route so that they don’t risk the safety of the skier or snowboarder in front of them.


Passing is allowed from above to below from right or the left side, but always from a distance which that doesn’t restrict the movements of the skier or snowboarder being passed. 

Entering in, starting and moving up slope

Every skier and snowboarder who turns into a trail, continues after a stop or wants to go back up the slope must check above and below, to make sure that they are able to do so without endangering themselves or others. 


Every skier and snowboarder must avoid any unnecessary stops on narrow, or areas of limited visibility. Fallen skiers or snowboarder need to clear such areas as soon as possible upon getting back up. 


Climbing or walking down slope

A skier or snowboarder climbing up, or walking down on foot must do so at the edge of the trail. 

Obeying signs

Every skier and snowboarder must stay within the markings and observe all signs.
Particularly: It is obligatory to wear a helmet until the age of 14.
The slopes are marked and equipped with signs stating the name, number and degree of difficulty:

Black=difficult                      Red=intermediate                       Blue=easy


First aid

Every skier and snowboarder is required to offer assistance to injured persons in the following manner:

  • Inform the lift personnel at the nearest lift station
  • Provide personnel with information regarding the nature of the accident and the name of the slope/lift where the accident has occurred
  • Wait for the rescue team to arrive
  • Provide details regarding insurance coverage if possible.


Personal ID required

Every skier and snowboarder, whether witnessing, involved in an accident, whether responsible or not, must be able to prove their identity in the event of an accident.

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