Funivie Folgarida Marilleva Spa

  1. Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S. p. A. is the concession holder which puts an integrated system of lift facilities (at least two) and ski slopes in the area of Folgarida Marilleva at the disposal of the public, thus constituted:
  • Gondolas: Folgarida, Belvedere, Marilleva 900, Albarè, Panciana, Daolasa 1 and Daolasa 2.
  • Chairlifts: Spolverino, Orso Bruno, Sghirlat, Brenzi, Vigo, Malghette, Bamby, Ometto, Marilleva, Doss della Pesa, Mastellina, Bassetta and Ottava.
  • Ski lifts: Malghet Aut 1, Malghet Aut 2, Casina, Biancaneve and Doss della Pesa.


2.The Administration determines the program regarding the operation of the lift facilities and slopes and the cost of the ski pass is not linked to the number of lifts and slopes open to the public, but to the possibility of skiing with at least two lifts open. Neither the operation of all the lifts nor usability of all the slopes are guaranteed.


3.Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A., is not responsible, and therefore no refund (neither total nor partial) or replacement of the ski pass is due should unpredictable events beyond its control occur such as, (here mentioned only as an example which is by no means exhaustive)  excessive windiness, the occurrence of a lack of snow or the sudden onset of an unpredictable technical problem, the sudden and unannounced suspension of electricity supply or competitive events or training, cause the partial or total stoppage of the facilities or the closure of some slopes. Furthermore, Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. is not responsible, and therefore no reimbursement or compensation is due should clients incur in expenses to return to their place of residence or departure point due to the closure of the lift facilities, in advance, or during the scheduled times which are displayed at the lift stations due to force majeure.


4.In the event of an accident involving an injury on the ski slopes which has been duly documented by the ski rescue staff, the "ItasActive" insurance policy (which must be acquired at the  time of purchase of the ski pass) foresees a partial reimbursement of  insured multiple-day ski passes, which have a minimum duration of three days. It should be noted that no refund will be provided for passes without "ItasActive" insurance regardless of the circumstances. Those accompanying the injured party, even if insured, are not entitled to any reimbursement. Furthermore, no reimbursement of any kind or in any case will be provided if, due to illness or other personal causes, the partial use of the ski pass is determined. For further information, we recommend that you read the policy extract available at all ticket offices and published on the website


5.Customers must acquire a ticket or ski pass corresponding to their program of use at the following ticket offices:

  • Marilleva 900 Ticket Office
  • Marilleva 1400 Ticket Office
  • Marilleva Albarè Ticket Office
  • Folgarida Ticket Office
  • Folgarida Belvedere Ticket Office
  • Daolasa Ticket Office
  • Malghet Aut Ticket Office
  • Malghette Ticket Office


6.At the time of collection of ski passes or tickets, customers must verify that the given passes or tickets correspond to their request. As set forth in the conditions of article 4., in no case will the ski pass be refunded or replaced once the first access to the lifts has been registered.


7.The purchase and possession of a ticket or travel pass imply the knowledge and the complete acceptance of the Rules of Transport  and of the Sale Conditions illustrated below and posted at the ticket offices.


8.Customers must follow the Rules of Transport which are applicable to them, and the Instructions for Passengers which are displayed at every lift departure station and observe the regulations issued by competent authorities for safety reasons and for a regular transport service. Passengers must also follow all special instructions that lift facility operators may give under particular circumstances, in order to prevent accidents.


9.For everyone's safety, we invite skiers to view and respect the signage present in the ski area and on the lifts. The degree of difficulty of the ski slopes is to be considered as approximate and is indicated on the panoramic boards displayed near the main departure stations, on the ski maps distributed at all open ticket offices and on the edge of all the ski slopes by means of  special coloured signage discs . In order to protect their own safety and that of others, each skier is required to assess whether the degree of difficulty of the slopes is compatible with their abilities. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use the slopes after the ski lifts have closed and in all cases when indicated by special slope closure signs . In the case of violation of Art. 30 ter "Behaviour of the Skier" (L.P. 7/87), the suspension or withdrawal of the ski pass by the company or by  law enforcement officers will be possible.


10.Children under eight years of age may be transported on chairlifts only if accompanied by adults; children over 1.25 metres in height do not require age assessment. (Ministerial Decree, 8 March 1999).


11.Diversely-able clients who, at the time of purchase, present an official document which states an invalidity equal to or greater than 50%, are entitled to a 50%  price reduction on the full listed price of Folgarida Marilleva hourly passes, one-way or return gondola tickets, Folgarida Marilleva, Folgarida Marilleva Pejo with 2 days SkiArea and SkiArea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta one to fourteen consecutive day ski passes.  A 25% price reduction on the same above-mentioned passes, will be provided to clients presenting an official document stating an invalidity that ranges between 20% and 49%.


12.Reduced price ski passes for seniors, super-seniors, juniors and children are issued in person to the recipient entitled to the reduced fare, upon presentation of an identity document.


13.The ski pass is a personal and non-transferable document (with the exception of Fidelity ski passes). Any misuse of the ski pass and in particular its transfer, even as a simple and/or temporary exchange, leads to its immediate withdrawal and cancellation, as well as, the right to take action against the offender both criminally and civilly.


14.Multiple day ski passes with a validity of 9 days or more are issued with a photograph, while multiple day ski passes with a validity of 3 to 8 days feature a male/female distinction.  Control systems are active for all types of ski passes which also includes the use of Photo Compare technology (installed on the lift facilities' access turnstiles ) that is able to detect the user's image (see privacy information displayed at all ticket offices and published on the website


15.All lost ski passes, with the exception of hourly passes and one-way or return tickets, will be reissued at the ticket office only upon presentation of a photo of the respective ski pass by the customer which must clearly show the identification code "NA" indicated on the ski pass. The cost of deactivation and blockage of the lost ski pass and the re-issuing of a new ski pass is € 10.00. This amount will not be refunded if the original ski pass is found.


16.With regard to the annual and seasonal Superskirama ski passes, the 5 days of validity in the Dolomiti Superski ski area are automatically enabled on the annual/seasonal ski pass without the need to request a single daily pass. Any abuse of the annual or seasonal ski pass will result in the immediate withdrawal of the ski pass and in the cancellation of the days which have not  been used in the "Dolomiti Superski" ski area. In the case of the loss of an annual or seasonal Superskirama ski pass on the slopes of the "Dolomiti Superski" ski area, the latter is NOT able to verify the purchase of the lost ski pass and therefore, will not issue any ski pass replacement for the days that may still be used in that area. Any one day or multiple day passes purchased following the loss of the annual/seasonal Superskirama ski pass in the "Dolomiti Superski" ski area will not be refunded.


17.Ski passes are sold on a Key-Card (RFID card) at a cost of € 5.00 each as a deposit. If the ski pass is returned intact and well preserved, the same amount will be refunded.


18.The ski pass or ticket (Key-Card and ‘ID card’) must be presented at every request of the lift facility personnel who must verify the validity and regular ownership to the exhibitor.


19.The ski pass, which is also valid as a fiscal receipt (D.M. 30.06.1992), must be kept for the entire duration of the transport. The  request for an invoice of  passes or tickets purchased,  must be made before they are issued.


20.Ticket offices accept cash payments (in compliance with the law in force) and through main credit cards or debit cards. In addition,  Management accepts payments by bank transfer, which must be received and confirmed by the Administrative Offices before the ski passes are issued.


21.Ski passes issued upon the presentation of an official voucher will be issued exclusively according to the indications foreseen on the voucher and cannot be changed in any manner, not even before the ski passes are issued.


22.The price of multiple day ski passes which include different daily rates due to the change of seasonality (High Season, Low Season or Christmas-New Year) is calculated based on rate that corresponds to the period in which the majority of the days fall. In the case of an equal number of days in different fare brackets, the highest tariff will be applied.


23.The price of the travel document or ski pass includes the right to transport skis, snowboard and a small piece of luggage with a total weight of less than 10 kg , provided that it does not prevent easy access to the transportation vehicle or does not affect the safety of the operation of the facility,  which at the complete discretion of the lift facility staff on duty. The transport of snow bikes is permitted only on gondolas, hence it is forbidden on chairlifts, ski lifts and all other lift facilities that provide a ‘skis on’ ascent .


24.The bike park is open only during the summer season, during which mountain bikes can be transported in accordance with the summer sale conditions. During the winter season it is forbidden to use or transit on the bike park trails.


25.Dogs must wear a muzzle and kept on a leash. They may be transported only on gondolas.


26.All tickets and passes , including one-way and return tickets, are valid until the end of the respective summer or winter season and the prices shown on the price list are inclusive of VAT.


27.In the event of discrepancies between the language versions of the general sale conditions, the Italian version of the said document shall prevail.

INFORMATION REGARDING THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA:  Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. has adopted the measures required by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 679/2016). Please view the information notice in regard which is displayed at the ticket offices, or on our website

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