The new Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta - Val di Sole Val Rendena , strongly backed by the three lift companies of Folgarida-Marilleva, Campiglio and Pinzolo, consists of 150 kilometres of runs served by 60 lifts and, through a large ski carousel, connects two of the most important valleys for the Trentino tourist industry. Right from next winter it will be possible to ski in the whole area with one lift pass. This great opportunity for skilled skiers will also be available to those who simply want to buy a single company lift pass for the new area and purchase an extra one-day pass at a reduced price to go skiing in the two zones that border on it. The three lift companies can issue three kinds of lift passes: their own pass, the pass for the ski area (Folgarida-Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo) or the Superskirama pass, created a few years ago, which also allows users to go skiing in Pejo, Adamello Ski, Paganella Ski, Monte Bondone and Folgaria.


A large advertising campaign is under way, comprising joint image promotion and commercial strategies and the identification of new target markets. This project will also imply new names for some runs, as well as a progressive numbering system with slope number 1 in Folgarida up to slope number 70 in Pinzolo, thus providing a single ski map with uniform instructions, reports and signs. All lift operators will be dressed in the same way and wear the ski area logo on their jacket. All this will involve a huge joint effort, together with the respective tourist offices.


The lift companies of Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and Folgarida-Marilleva, well aware of the market difficulties that the area of Val di Sole and Val Rendena will have to face in the near future, have decided to overcome the limits set by the various commercial strategies that have often been in competition over the last years and to embark upon a joint effort that until recently was considered idealistic and unfeasible. They share the same mission: to increase the winter tourist flow by offering a very appealing ski product with major potential that can be adequately promoted in Italy and especially abroad where the demand is already high. Starting from today the future for the three lift companies of Valle di Sole and Valle Rendena will go by the name of “SKIAREA CAMPIGLIO DOLOMITI DI BRENTA - VAL DI SOLE VAL RENDENA”: this great winter product will also work as a driving force for the summer.


The dream has come true... Since winter 2011-2012, Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio have been linked by the new Pinzolo-Campiglio Express gondola lift, which offers outstandingly breathtaking view of the Brenta Dolomites (a Unesco World Heritage site). Skiers have now the chance to enjoy a single skiing area that stretches from Folgarida-Marilleva (Val di Sole) - already connected to Madonna di Campiglio - to Pinzolo: in total, 150 kilometres of runs to enjoy without taking your skis off.

- 150 km with skis on
- 1 lift pass
- 95 runs (44 blue, 36 red, 15 black)
- 5 snowparks
- 62 lifts
- 95% of runs covered with the programmed snow system
- altitude of the ski area: 850-2500 m a.s.l.

Settimana bianca Sci e Snowboard sulle Dolomiti del Trentino
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