Funivie Folgarida Marilleva Spa

  • Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A., as subject entitled of the concession in the area of Folgarida and Marilleva renders available to the public the following integrated system of lifts (at least 2) and ski slopes:
    Cable cars: Folgarida, Belvedere, Contrè-Copai, Albarè, Copai-Panciana, Daolasa-Val Mastellina 1° and 2° segment.
    Chair lifts: Spolverino, Orso Bruno, Sghirlat, Brenzi, Vigo, Malghette, Bamby, Ometto, Marilleva, Doss della Pesa, Mastellina, Bassetta and Ottava.
    Ski Lifts: Malghet Aut 1, Malghet Aut 2, Casina, Biancaneve and Doss della Pesa.
  • The schedule of opening of lifts and slopes is managed by the Direction of Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A.. The cost of the skipass is not linked to the number of lifts and slopes open to the public, but to the availability of at least of 2 lifts opened. The opening of all the lifts is not granted nor the possibility to ski in all the slopes.

  • Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. is not responsible, so as a consequence no refund shall be made, in case of unforeseen events not subject to the its control (as in case of strong wind, the extemporize lack of snow or unpredictable technical problems or unexpected suspension of electricity) or for competitive events or trainings, which may cause the partial closure of lifts or of slopes. Furthermore, Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. shall not be responsible, so as a consequence no refund shall be made, in case due to normal closure of the lifts as set forth in the timetable affixed at the departing terminals, or due to early closure in case of force majeure, the skier has to bear cost for returning in his/her stay or departure place.

  • Passengers can buy the tickets for their program of utilization at the following ticket offices:
    Ticket office Marilleva 900
    Ticket office Marilleva 1400
    Ticket office Marilleva Albarè
    Ticket office Folgarida
    Ticket office Folgarida Belvedere
    Ticket office Daolasa Mastellina
    Ticket office Malghet Aut
    Ticket office Malghette

  • The purchase and the consequent hold of a ticket or a travel document involve the knowledge and the total acceptance of the rules of transportation and the terms of sale hereby set forth and affixed in the ticket offices.

  • Passengers have to comply with the applicable transport regulation (affixed in all the departing lift terminals); passengers have also to comply with the rules issued by the competent authority for the security and the correct transportation as well as with all the instructions which may be given by the lifts operators in order to prevent accidents.

  • For the security of all the people present in the area, Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. invites the skiers to carefully read all the information plaques placed in the ski areas and in the terminals. The degree of difficulty of the slopes has to be intended as indicative. This information is also provided by the panoramic boards near to the principal departing terminals, in the ski maps distributed in all ticket offices as well as by specific coloured plates displayed at the edges of each slope. Each skier, in order to safeguard his/her and other skiers’ safety, has to evaluate if the difficulty degree of the slope is compatible with his/her ability. For security reasons is forbidden to go into the slopes after their closure and in all cases in which it is forbidden by the proper signal of closure. The violation of the content of Art. 30 ter “Behaviour of the Skier” set forth in the Provincial Law no. 7/87 may involve the suspension of the skipass.

  • In the chair lifts the transportation of children who are under 8 years old is allowed solely together with an adult. For the children with an height higher that 1,25 mt. the check of the age is not requested (as set forth by the D.M.8 March 1999).

  • By the purchasing or the acceptation of the skipass free of charge for the children, the adult accompanying undertakes the liability related to the use of the lifts and of the slopes by the children, who will ski under the supervision of the adult him/herself, who has to know and comply with the present terms and conditions of sale.

  • The people differently-abled who furnish proof of their disability equal or greater than 50% or included between 20% and 49%, may obtain a discount respectively equal to 50% and 25% on the prices of skipasses Folgarida Marilleva, Folgarida Marilleva Pejo with 2 days of Skiarea and Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta from 1 to 14 consecutive days and on the one way tickets.

  • The skipasses with reduced fares for senior, supersenior, junior and children shall be personally released after the presentation of an identity document.

  • The skipass is a personal document which shall not be transferable to others (with the sole exception of Fidelity cards). Any kind of misuse of the skipass, with particular reference to its transferring, also as temporary exchange, shall involve the immediate withdrawal and its cancellation, as well as the right for Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. to prosecute the transgressor in front civil and criminal courts.

  • Multiple-day skipasses valid for 9 or more days are issued exclusively with photograph. Control systems are in function and activated for all types of skipasses.

  • In case of loss of the yearly or seasonal skipass, an immediate notification has to be filed to Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. As a consequence, the skipass may be deactivated and blocked. The cost for the deactivation, block and replacement of a new yearly or seasonal skipass is equal to € 20,00. The other kinds of skipass which may be lost, stolen or withdrawn shall not be refunded or replaced.
  • The skipasses are sold with an Key-Card device by the payment of a deposit equal to € 5,00/each. In case of return of the device intact and duly preserved, the amount paid shall be refunded.

  • The skipass or ticket (Key-Card and ID card) has to be shown to the operators who have the right to check the validity and the legitimate belonging to the user. 

  • The skipass, document of transportation valid also as sales receipt (as set forth in D.M. dated June 30, 1992) has to be kept for all the duration of the transport. The request of invoicing of the cost of the tickets has to be made prior to their issue.

  • Ticket offices receive payment in cash (in compliance with the applicable laws) and by means of the main credit and debit cards. Furthermore, Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. receives payments made by credit transfer on its bank account to be received prior of the ski passes’ issue.

  • The client has to check at the moment of the skipass’ collection the conformity to his/her request. It is not possible to replace in a later stage the skipass already used.

  • The skipass issued under the delivering of a voucher shall be issued in the terms set forth in the voucher itself and no amendment could be made not even prior its issue.

  • Solely in case of accidents with injuries occurred in the slopes and duly documented by the rescuers the insurance policy “ItasActive” provides the partial refund of the skipass insured. Please note that in no refund shall be made to skipass which are lacking of the insurance policy “ItasActive”. We strong recommend to carefully read the insurance policy’ terms and conditions.

  • The price of multiple-day passes that include different daily fares is calculated based on the fare corresponding to the period in which most of the days fall. If there are an equal number of days in different fare brackets, the highest fare will apply.

  • In the price of transportation document it is included the right to transport ski, snowboards and a little luggage not bulky, with a maximum weight of 10 kilos (with the exception of the case that the luggage prevents the easy entrance as deemed by the operators at their incontestable discretion).

  • The transportation of Snow-bikes or similar is allowed only on cable cars; therefore is forbidden on chair lifts and ski lifts.

  • During the summer season it is allowed the transportation of mountain bikes.

  • On cable cars only may be carried dogs with the muzzle and leash.

  • All prices in the above price list include VAT. All tickets, including single one-way tickets, expire when the summer or winter season end.

    INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA (as set forth by Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003): the personal data shall be processed in fully compliance with the applicable laws. Please carefully read the complete information document affixed at Funivie Folgarida Marilleva S.p.A. Ticket Offices.

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